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TALK TIME-1-NIckNAME-绰号(IN chinese)



Hello,everyone!Here's the Say Chinese See China.And now is the first time for the  Talk Time.



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Have you got the nickname of yourself? And who gave it to you? In Chinese,we do not often call a person's full name.Always calling nikenames between friends and "小+last name“(小:xiao——with third tone on the “a”)to your colleagues(but not to your boss~).                             

eg.小张,你早!(xiao3 zhang1,ni3 zao3)(*numbers here mean the four tones in the system of PinYin ^ ^)

And nickname in Mandarin Chinese, we usually say "绰号"(chuo4 hao4). Frequently you may also hear"外号"(wai4 hao4),which is kind of more informal.


You may listen to the audio we've made for you in totally Chinese and read the pdf we've upload to get your Chinese study started here and now !^ ^

And 董蕾(dong3 lei3and 陆萃(lu4 cui4will tell you their nicknames and will help you with all the problems you may have.^ ^





 Talk Time-1-绰号-Nickname

 Talk Time-2-下雨天-Rainy Day 

 Talk Time-3-梦-Dream





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