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literature3-七步诗(曹植)-The seven-step poem

Have you ever imaged that a poem can be composed while taking seven steps?

Seven Steps Poem or Qi Bu Shi,which is actually a hint that there is a fight or a disagreement going on between brothers and each is trying to exterminate or destroy each other. The idiom originated from the Three Kingdom Period of China when Cao Pi, The Emperor Wen of Wei was in power.



七步诗(qi1 bu4 shi1)暗含了兄弟间的相残,豆(dou4)与豆萁(dou4 qi2)本来是同一个根上长出来的,但是豆萁干了用来做柴,把它点燃,将豆煮成豆汁,这里曹植将豆汁比喻做豆子的眼泪,豆萁燃豆比喻兄弟间的手足相残。七步诗来源于中国三国时期曹丕当政之时。



(It's a clip from the TV series "洛神"(luo4 shen2),which means a godess of the ancient time and also an article written by Cao Zhi) ----------------曹植-《洛神赋》




Cao Pi was always jealous of his brother Cao Zhi. Their father Cao Cao had initially wanted Cao Zhi to take over his position and rule the state. But though cunning and treacherous methods, Cao Pi managed to make Cao Zhi lose favor with Cao Cao and hence he was the one anointed to be the next ruler of the State of Wei.


Despite being the Emperor, Cao Pi was extremely wary of his brother whom he worried will be up against him sooner or later. It was at this point when his spies told him that Cao Zhi was complaining about his treatment. Cao Pi decided to take this opportunity to get rid of his brother once and for all.
虽然当上了皇帝,曹丕仍然顾虑于曹植迟早会动摇他的权力。 特别是有奸细告诉曹丕曹植已经开始抱怨他的对待。曹丕决定利用机会铲除他的所有兄弟。
Cao Pi needed a reason of course, so that at least he won't have a hard time explaining why he killed his own brother. He had his brother taken to the palace. Cao Pi next told Cao Zhi that as Cao Zhi had always been well known for his poetry and talents, he felt that this wasn't true, someone might has been writing the poems and literary works for him and wanted him to prove his talents.








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