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Chinese characters-3-旭/旱


Hello,everyone! Here's the SCSC's Chinese characters part!

You may get puzzled about the construction of the Chinese character. But actually you can find some regular things in it.^ ^ We will explain the structure of a character during a lesson of Word Builder mainly in English!



 第三期: 旭(xù)/旱(hàn)


Hello, everyone! 大家好!Welcome to Say Chinese, See China’s website. Here you can learn the construction of the Chinese simple character.


And today we’re gonna learn the word “旭” and "旱", and also they all share the same part-"日" like "旦"and"昌" that we talked about last time. 


Firstly, I'd like to talk about the word "旭". This word is combined with "九" and "日", and you may image "九" as a mountain and we all know that "日" represents sun. So "旭" describes the scene that the sun rises from the mountain in the morning. Then "旭"means the rising sun.


Then we have the second word "旱". From the construction of the word, "旱"is combined by "日" and "干". You may image the scene that the sun is always shining on the ground and there has been no rain for quite a long time, so the ground turned very dry. So the word"旱" means drought. 


So all for this part and see you next time. Bye bye.






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 Word Bulider-2-旦(dan4)/昌 (chang1)




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