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chinese characters-2-旦/昌




第二期: 旦(dàn)/昌(chāng)


Hello, everyone! 大家好!Welcome to Say Chinese, See China’s website. Here you can learn the construction of the Chinese simple characters. And If you've got any problems with Chinese characters, just be free to ask me.^_______^


And today we’re gonna learn the word “旦” and "昌", and both of these two words share the same part-"日",which means sun. So both "旦" and "昌" all have some connections with sun.


In the first place, let's see the word "旦". The line under the "日(sun)" means horizon line of the sea. So "旦" describes the scene that the sun rises from the horizon line of the sea in the morning. Then we can know that "旦"means dawn or morning.

The second word is "昌", and I think it is much more easier to understand this word. By judging the construction of the word "昌", we can see it is made up of two suns. And when we think of the sun, we think of something that is positive and good. So "昌",consisting two suns, means something prosperous and flourish.

So all for this part and see you next time. Bye bye.






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