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Chinese characters-1-仁


Hello,everyone! Here's the SCSC's word builder!

You may get  puzzled about the construction of the Chinese character.But actually you can find some regular things in it.^ ^ We will explain the structure of a character during a lesson of Word Builder mainly in English!

You may down the audio we've made for you and pdf attached.^ ^

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第一期: 仁(rén)


Hello, everyone! 大家好!Welcome to Say Chinese, See China’s word builder. Here you can learn the construction of the Chinese simple character.

And today we’re gonna learn the word “仁”(rén),which means love between people and be kind to other people. Actually, the very accurate meaning cannot be explained only by words. But you can explain it by seeing the construction of this character.


Firstly, you can see the left part of the character, it represents one PERSON and the right part is the number TWO, er4 in Chinese. The combination is two persons ,so the character shows between people, when you communicate with others, you should always show your sincerity and be kind to the mistakes of others, and be kind to people all around you.

So we’ve got the very famous idioms in our China, it is called “仁者爱人”(rén zhě ài rén). Those who were very kind will always show the love to the people around them.

So all for this part and see you next time. Bye bye.


(The video is a clip of the TV series called "洛神"(luò shén) )




 Word Builder-1-仁(ren2)

 Word Bulider-2-旦(dan4)/昌 (chang1)



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