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Hi,everyone! I am a university student from Shanghai, China, and would like to to share with you all the information about Chinese- learning for free.

I will provide audios and videos and e-books for your reference. If yo've got problem with learning Chinese, you may send mail to me ([email protected]).↖(^ω^)↗

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Chinese Characters-汉字


Here you may learn the construction of the simplified character of Chinese.And you may know why the characters are look like that.Actually you can find some regular things in it.^ ^ We will explain the structure of a character during a lesson of Word Builder mainly in English!

May you enjoy it! Just get in and listen to the lesson~^ ^Hope to help those who are puzzled about remember the character.


 1.仁(rén)(kindness and love)

 2.旦(dàn)/昌 (chāng)                                                             

 3.旭(xù)/旱 (hàn)

 4.雨(yǔ)/雪 (xuě)  

 5.白(bái)/白白 (bái)/皛(xiǎo)

 6.口(kǒu)/言 (yán)   

 7.雷(léi)/闪 (shǎn)      

 8.目(mù)/自 (zì)/且(qiě)/皿(mǐn) 

 9.山(shan1)/屾 (shen1)/出(chu1)

 10.人(ren2)/从 (cong2)/众(zhong4)





Hello,everyone! I've heared that someone think Chinese is very difficult.Actually I think no language is simple if you really want to have a good command of it.Attitude is everything.Just keep your enthusiasm about Chinese and spend some time on it, you will speak Chinese well! And we will help you!!!


1.简单韵母a与四声(a & four tones)

2.简单韵母 o e i u ü(the rest simple finals)



5.拼音规则(Rules of PinYin) 

6.拼音总结-综合练习(Exercises of PinYin) 





Talk Time-谈话


Haha,we will talk everything about our daily life in Chinese here! And you may download the mp3 and pdf( in Chinese ) we've made for you~Hope you enjoy it!Are you ready?!

(Don't laugh at my voice,please~~~kind of odd...T T)


 Talk Time-1-绰号-Nickname

 Talk Time-2-下雨天-Rainy Day 

 Talk Time-3-梦-Dream







If you are interested in learning Chinese,you may want to know more about China.^ ^

And we appreciate that.Thank you,my foreign friend.\^o^/

Here we will talk more or tell you more about China's culture,including food,language,transportation....You may see more or know more about the culture of China.



2.漫游中国(Getting around in China)





Here you may see the clips of the famous Chinese literature work we've especially collected for you,also with the clip of some TV series attached.          


1.徐志摩-再别康桥( Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again )



3.曹植-七步诗(The Seven-step Poem)


4.石桥禅-《剑雨》 (Reign of Assassins)


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